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Frequently Asked Question

About site membership registration

Q.1 : Is it free to register as an account member?

A.1 : It's free. We recommend that you register as a member of the site if you want to access artist information or shop.

Q.2 : I haven't received an email after registering as a new member.  

A.2 : There may be an error in the email address you registered, or the email may have ended up in your spam folder.   
         Please set up your email settings to receive emails from "".

Q3. : I forgot my password.

A.3 : To reissue your password, please reset your password from the login screen when you log in again.

Q.4 : When I try to register as a new member of the site, I get the message "That email address is already in use" and I can't proceed.

A.4 : This site does not allow multiple member registrations with the same email address.


About downloads


Q.5 : Can I listen to music?

5.A : You can listen to 30 seconds of the song by clicking LISTEN NOW on the MUSIC page.

Q.6 : Can I purchase each song individually?

6.A : Garden [EP] is a collection of five songs, so they are not sold individually.

Q.7 : Is there a way to make the downloaded files easier to play and listen to?

A.7 : You can listen to the downloaded files using a music player app. → Here

Q.8 : Are there any music player apps available for iPhone?

A.8 : We have some information here. → Here

Q.9 : Are there any music player apps available for Android?

A.9 : We have some information here. → Here

Q.10 : Can I cancel or return an item after purchase?

A.10 : Due to the nature of the sales format (data distribution via the Internet), our system does not allow cancellations (refunds) of purchased music.


Q.11 : About re-downloading

A.11 : You can download it free of charge for 30 days after purchase by using the download link in the email we sent you at the time of purchase.


Q.12: I can't listen to the music even after downloading it

A12.: You may not have unzipped the downloaded file. Tap the “”Garden [EP]“” file you downloaded to open it.


Q.13 : I can't download music files.

A.13 : Please check the settings of your security software and firewall. You may be able to download by disabling your security software and firewall. Please perform these operations at your own risk.
For more information on how to download, please click here .

Q.14 : What type of music files are they?

A.14 : MP3 (320k). MP3 is an abbreviation for MPEG-1 audio layer 3, and is a representative standard for audio compression technology defined by MPEG.
This file has sound quality close to that of a compact disc (CD) and is significantly reduced in file size.

Data such as cover photo, song title, and artist name is embedded in the file.

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