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How to download and play on iPhone/iPad

If you listen using iTunes for iOS, you cannot download and play the music on an iPhone alone.

Please download it to your Mac or PC first, then sync it with your iPhone to listen to it.

We will also introduce music player apps that allow you to listen to music downloaded onto your iPhone alone.

1) After purchasing, you will receive an email from the Ayano Tachihara Official Site. Tap "Download" in the email.

TO P mail.jpg

2) Tap Download .


3) Tap the part marked with a red circle.


4) Tap “Download”.


5) Tap on “Garden EP” in the ZIP file.


6) The music album you purchased will arrive in a compressed file. Tap on the ZIP file "Garden EP" to unzip it.

*If you do not have a file app to access files on your phone, please download it from here.


7) A light blue file will be automatically created on the screen. Tap on this light blue “Garden EP.” file.


8) When five music files are displayed, the process is complete.


9) Tap each file to play the music.


Although you can play music just by tapping the file, you can use a dedicated music player app to play music on your smartphone more comfortably. It also has a wide range of features to help you enjoy music even more, such as creating playlists, adjusting sound quality with an equalizer, and displaying album covers.

10) Next, we will show you how to listen to the downloaded files using the Music Player App.


[CloudBeats Music Player]


[ EZMP3 Player ]

[Onkyo HF Player]

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