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Disclosure Based On The Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Name of the seller


Selling price

Listed for each product. Sales price (including consumption tax, etc.) is displayed on the relevant page.

Payment Method

Credit card payment (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX)

Payment period

Payment will be confirmed at the time of purchase.

Required fees other than product price and shipping fee

Communication charges when purchasing products

Cancellation (returns/exchanges/return policy)

Due to the nature of digital content, returns are not possible, so cancellations or refunds cannot be accepted after registration has been confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.

Product availability

Product availability: As this is a downloadable product, delivery will be immediate after purchase.

Other terms of sale

Content with a limited time period is listed on the details page of each content.


6F Aoyama Marutake Building, 3-1-36 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062


If you contact us using the contact information above, we will disclose your telephone number without delay.

Sales Manager

Ayako Buell

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