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SITE UPDATE page has been created

Thanks to you, it has been a week since the first digital release.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all customers who downloaded the album right away.

We have created a page to inform you of updates to the Ayano Tachihara Official Website.

We will continue to improve and update the website every day, so please continue to support us.

[ Updates ]

・Update of the page on how to download and play music

We have updated the page to provide a more understandable guide for our customers.

・Installation of account login button

We have placed it in a more understandable location. (PC: top right, mobile: top left)

・Display of explanation for Ayano Tachihara Official Website account registration
In addition to receiving information for account registrants (limited pages and live broadcasts), you can also use the convenient My Page function

・Installation of language switching button
You can now view the English translation page. You can also purchase and download music.

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